System Maintenance

More time for your business!

Thanks to the services offered by Senior Software you can focus more on the business and less on ERP maintenance. The conclusion of a maintenance contract gives you access to the latest versions of SeniorERP, which brings functional improvements or legislative updates.

In addition, our consultants can monitor and ensure the correct and efficient operation of both SeniorERP, as well as the operating system or technologies behind the application.

Before this collaboration, we had no experience of such implementation and we didn’t know what to expect, but with the help of Senior Software consultants, things settled naturally. At the same time, the new warehouse optimization system had to integrate with a system already in use in the company, and the experience of the Senior Software team with such integrations made the whole process easier.”

Cristian Stefanov, IT Manager Alexandrion Grup

Senior CloudBridge brings the benefits from the cloud closer to the customers

Decrease in the upgrade expenses

It can also be done remotely in a much shorter time frame.

Decrease in time spent at the customer's premises

Most of the actions are taken from the supplier’s premises by remote connection.

Reducing installation and setup costs

The application can be installed on customers’ stations in Senior CloudBridge, remotely.


Lower upgrade time

Eliminating the need to relocate the consultant to the customer’s premises.

Eliminates the need to block the activity

Any change being made in a much reduced time frame and in a more efficient manner.

Facilitating access to various customizations

They are available in Senior CloudBridge and can be easily installed.

Server maintenance service

Among the obligations of companies which own their own IT infrastructure necessary for the operation of the SeniorERP system we mention the maintenance for the technologies behind it: SQL Server, IIS, Server Manager etc. In this way, the operation at the optimal parameters of the application is ensured. Senior Software provides customers with a service for the ERP maintenance of the server, designed to ensure the proper functioning of the application and significantly reducing the risk of interruptions of activity. What does this consist of?

Expert consultancy regarding computer system improvements.

Maintenance of the operating system (licensed) on the servers covered by the contract.

Maintenance of the SQL server package (licensed) and checking its state of operation.

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Companies that chose to automate their operations with SeniorERP: